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About Us

Plumarii was born on an ordinary day during extraordinary times. It was the spring of 2020, and the world was under lockdown. We had all been forced to slow down and re-evaluate where we were heading.

The brand, therefore, is all about fresh starts. The name, Plumarii, which means ‘embroidery’ in Latin, arises from a new idea of luxury. It’s about a simpler way of being.

A walk in the garden. Sunlight. Spending time at home with loved ones, and also with ourselves. Being happy in the midst of natural surroundings. Authenticity.

Plumarii finds its roots in that familiar sense of comfort.

Being comfortable in one’s skin is very important to us, and that sense of ease exists all around us, in nature. Our apparel and home products are inspired by the natural; by the flora growing in our gardens, and by the simple yet evergreen craft of embroidery.

Plumarii is carefree and everyday. Plumarii is also feminine and dressy. Our garments are made using luxurious, local fabrics such as khadi and linen. Our embroidery is hand-painted and consequently recreated on cloth. It’s a slower, beautiful way of making clothes.

Founded by Nivedita Mathur, a graduate of FIT, New York, Plumarii Studio is based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan. We hope our garments and home products make you feel as happy and wholesome as we felt while making them.

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